Surviving in a Winter Wonderland


With the advent of the year's first major snowstorm, we're taking a break from politics to discuss how to survive and thrive during New Hampshire's long, cold winters. From recipes and fitness tips to metaphysical speculation, your hosts have some thoughts. Find out what they are on this week's Told You So!

Courting Disaster


From surveillance to right to know requests, a lot of important issues are currently in the courts - and not all the news is good. Get the inside scoop with your hosts on this week's episode of Told You So!

Is Deplatforming A Threat To Free Speech?


Twitter is banning political ads, Facebook will drop the ban hammer on a whim, and YouTube has been booting creators left and right in pursuit of a less volatile political brew - but does that mean that free speech is under fire? Dive into the complexities of deplatforming and what it means for the First Amendment with your hosts on this week's Told You So!

Who Polices The Policemen?


Police have gotten more and more involved in people's everyday lives - whether it's tackling high schoolers for vaping or taking on the mantle of Halloween Commissar, stories about police keep popping up in the headlines. Can anyone hold them accountable? Dive into the subject of law enforcement overreach with your hosts on this week's episode of Told You So!

Primaries Two - Electric Electiongaloo


As the 2019 primaries heat up, join your hosts for a discussion of the recent debates, wild accusations that one candidate is a Russian sleeper agent, and much more on this week's episode of Told You So!

Honor, Dignity, and Victimhood - A Tale of Three Cultures


As human societies have grown and changed, values and moral reasoning have shifted along with the characteristics and beliefs of their people. But in broad strokes, there have been three orientations - honor cultures, dignity cultures, and victimhood cultures. The growth of dignity cultures in the 19th and 20th centuries has left some longing for the vigor and energy of an honor culture, while the slings and arrows of modern society have created enclaves of victimhood cultures around the world. Which way should we be going? Find out with your hosts on this week's episode of Told You So!

This Is Your Brain On Prohibition


From fentanyl and vaping related deaths to worries over synthetic cannabinoids, America has prohibition on the brain. But trying the same old policies only harder hasn't helped - is there a better way to approach our burgeoning drug abuse problem? Join your hosts on an exploration of how fentanyl was introduced to the US market, how Chinese companies have made a mint exporting an alphabet soup of new chemical compounds, and how America can take a new approach to drug policy.


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The Climate Change Episode


As the climate change debate heats up on the global stage, is there still room for rationality in the discussion? Most of the arguments rely on either radically restructuring global society or totally ignoring the possibility of human-caused climate change - but there are more than two options when it comes to dealing with such a nebulous problem. Join your hosts for an in depth discussion on the evidence for climate change, the madness of the public discourse about it, and what a sane policy approach might look like.


Mentioned in this episode:

50 years of failed doomsday, eco-pocalyptic predictions

The Conspiracy Theory Episode


Take the red pill and travel down the rabbit hole with your hosts as they explore conspiratorial thinking, some of the more popular conspiracy theories, and a few examples of "conspiracy theories" that turned out to be absolutely true. And stick around to hear a pretty decent Alex Jones impression!

Terrorism and Morality


It's been 18 years since the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, and since then our world has changed in immeasurably massive ways. But when George W. Bush claimed that the attacks happened because "they hate us for our freedom," he was only telling a tiny part of the story.

Join your hosts for some personal stories about the attack, an exploration of the changes it's delivered to our politics and culture, and an attempt to understand the morality that can make people do the unthinkable on this week's episode of Told You So!

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