Big Brother Is Watching


Big Brother is looming over Manchester, and our hosts are pushing back with a lawsuit against proposed surveillance cameras on Elm St. From ancient Roman secret police to Bentham's Panopticon and Orwell's telescreens, surveillance has been a topic of controversy and discussion for as long as humans have existed in community with one another. What cultural and political changes would constant surveillance bring to New Hampshire? Dive into the dirty details on this week's episode of Told You So!  

A Well Executed Podcast


Pain, torture, and death at the hands of the state are at the core of this week's Told You So. From the recent repeal of New Hampshire's death penalty to the historical roots of public execution as ritual entertainment, there's something for anyone interested in how and why structures of authority are so invested in being able to kill their subjects.

Seattle Is Dying, Is Manchester Next?


In the inaugural episode of the Told You So Podcast, Brinck and Carla take a deep look at the news documentary "Seattle is Dying" -  homelessness, drug policy, and out of control city governments are at the heart of the story, and there are more than a few lessons that Manchester can learn from what cities on the West coast are experiencing right now.