Terrorism and Morality


It's been 18 years since the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, and since then our world has changed in immeasurably massive ways. But when George W. Bush claimed that the attacks happened because "they hate us for our freedom," he was only telling a tiny part of the story.

Join your hosts for some personal stories about the attack, an exploration of the changes it's delivered to our politics and culture, and an attempt to understand the morality that can make people do the unthinkable on this week's episode of Told You So!



Across culture, people seem to be growing more and more fragile all the time - are we capable of toughening up? Nassim Taleb takes a big departure from mainstream wisdom and suggests that we should work to be antifragile - which is much more than simple resilience. Join your hosts to explore the concept of antifragility, and how it can help you be a stronger person.

Free Speech Isn’t Free - It Costs A Buck O Five


While most people say they're committed to free speech, an alarming (and growing) number of Americans seem to be souring on the principle. Do they have good reason to abandon the country's tradition of toleration and free expression? Find out with your hosts on this week's episode of Told You So!

Our Primary Concerns


The New Hampshire Primary brings candidates and national media from all over the country to our little state every four years. While many see it as a boon to the political (and economic) culture of the state, is it really a net positive? Get the inside scoop on the New Hampshire primaries and some analysis on this cycle's Democratic slate from your hosts on this week's Told You So!

The Russian Mind Control Episode


Can people control your mind with social media? From Cambridge Analytica and Russian Facebook trolls to platforms de-platforming controversial creators, there's a deep concern about outside forces manipulating and meddling with our heads on social media. Are these problems the growing pains of the most revolutionary publishing invention since the printing press, or the seeds of something much more troubling in the future of tech? Find out with your hosts on this week's Told You So!

Living With Lockdowns


"Lockdowns" have become a part of everyday life across most of America - but where did it all start, and what can we do to stop it? From the birth of the concept in prisons to recent events right here in Manchester, dive into the history and present reality of neighborhood and school lockdowns with your hosts on this week's episode of Told You So!


PS - There will be much more to come on this topic in the future!

Eat Like A Caveman So You Can Live To Be A Robot


Do you have a complicated relationship with food and exercise? With more Americans succumbing to the "illnesses of wealth" like heart disease and diabetes, something is obviously wrong with the way our food and fitness culture operates. So what's the answer?

Your hosts discuss their personal history and experience with different fitness and diet regimes, and work through the difference between a diet and a lifestyle. While this week's episode is a bit of a detour from our regular subject matter, at its core it's about self ownership and working to make life better. We hope you'll find something useful!

The Scandinavian Socialism Showdown


America's imagination has been captured by the "miracle" of the Scandinavian "third way" - a mix of socialist safety net policies and market-friendly policies that seem to have helped them avoid the worst excesses of socialism while continuing to grow their economy.

But is the story really that simple? Your hosts explore the real story of Scandinavian socialism, focusing on Sweden. From the historical forces that shaped the Swedish welfare state to the economic collapse that their government's largesse brought on in the early 90s, it's been anything but a utopian fairytale.

Find out if the Scandinavian third way is the future for New Hampshire on this week's episode of Told You So!


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Big Brother Is Watching


Big Brother is looming over Manchester, and our hosts are pushing back with a lawsuit against proposed surveillance cameras on Elm St. From ancient Roman secret police to Bentham's Panopticon and Orwell's telescreens, surveillance has been a topic of controversy and discussion for as long as humans have existed in community with one another. What cultural and political changes would constant surveillance bring to New Hampshire? Dive into the dirty details on this week's episode of Told You So!  

A Well Executed Podcast


Pain, torture, and death at the hands of the state are at the core of this week's Told You So. From the recent repeal of New Hampshire's death penalty to the historical roots of public execution as ritual entertainment, there's something for anyone interested in how and why structures of authority are so invested in being able to kill their subjects.

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